Sunday, 4 May 2014

Love will find a way

Do you feel the love?
Do you act upon it?
Do you understand why you are here?

Everything you receive is what you must give.
Everything you give, you must receive, that is the law.
It is your choice to understand this law and act upon it.
If you act upon it then more will follow, you will receive abundance and flow.  
Flow is what happens when there are no blockages.  The blockages only happen when you do not follow the flow.  Water will always find its own level, as does love.  
Love is the universal energy which can seep into every crack and crevice, even when there seems no hope of finding a way through, love will flow. 

You are here to experience this universal law, to understand that everything is surmountable as long as you surrender to the flow and allow it do its job.  
When you try to take over and control, this is when the blocks can emerge as you are not allowing the flow to find its own pattern and way of getting through.  
Love will find a way!

Inspired writing by Sharon May
©2014 Sharon May, all right reserved